About Maria

Fashion has always been my passion. I am a busy mother of three, a loving wife, a registered nurse and a new fashion blogger.peachy5

I believe even if you’re busy, you can be trendy as well. Fashion empowers me, and I hope Maria’s Pointe will empower middle-aged women everywhere to step outside of their comfort zones and take a risk in fashion.

Besides my love for styles and trends, I love to travel. From road trips with my family to long flights to Asia, I enjoy the opportunity to explore new destinations. Maria’s Pointe will take you to places you’ve never been before.

My kitchen also inspires me to try new things. I enjoy cooking and creating art on my plates. Maria’s Pointe will share some of these creations.

I was born in the Philippines and I bring a diverse perspective to the world of fashion, travel and food. My culture is a fusion of hospitality, love and creativity.

Thank you for visiting Maria’s Pointe and feel free to follow me on Instagram.