Flowers, Cake and Me

My love for flowers, cake and fashion. Today is a busy day for me. Decorating and arranging flowers for a friend’s birthday party. I’m using fresh flowers so we went out to get flowers and cake . This is my very first flower arrangement using fresh flowers. I’m really so excited and it turns out really so amazing . I so love it and I’m very proud of my self. I’m so grateful to have a friend who like me loves to do what I’m doing. My love for fashion , food and Arts. She is with me all through out my journey doing my blog. She is also a blogger , I’m really thankful for all her help. Thank you so much April @aprilwashere blog. You’re my inspiration to keep on going through all the ups and downs of my journey. I do really appreciate all your support from the bottom of my heart.

My outfit of the day is a bubblegum pink trench coat, navy blue floral skater dress , white boots , old rose headband, Mui Mui sunglasses , Chanel purse , Chanel earrings and Chanel brooch. Hope you guys enjoy my blog post . Thanks for visiting my website . See you again next blog post.

Much love ,



Trench Coat





Purse, Earrings , Brooch



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