Welcoming March

Wearing an animal prints Kate Spade trench coat is one of my favorite coat to wear during this season. I can’t wait for spring to come. I know it won’t be too long to wear my spring outfits but right now I’ll just be focusing on my winter outfits. My outfit of the day is my animal print trench coat with dotted cream and red infinity scarf. Surely my coat , scarf, and my beret makes me feel so cozy ,comfy and warm. I can’t go wrong with that especially when going to the city of Detroit for a visit. Experiencing the polar vortex makes me so choosy with the winter outfits to wear. Of course you can’t be inside the house all the time. Life must go on even it’s really so frigidly cold and freezing outside . So be sensible in choosing your winter outfits that will make you feel warm . cozy and great during this season. Just follow my website for all your OOTD’s . Below is all the links where you can choose my OOTD’s. Thanks.



Winter Outfits:

Trench Coat http://www.katespade.com

Purse http://www.gucci.com

Beret http://www.forever21.com

sunglasses http://www,muimui.com


Scarf http://www.catofashion.com

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