Scarfs , Plaids and Stripes

When the snow melts . Here comes the lovely spring. Spring is the beginning of life where the sprout begins to grow . Where the flowers begins to bloom . So it is really fun to go outside and have some sun.
I’m inspired to wear scarf, stripes and plaids. So my outfit of the day is so simple. Stripes with black and white blouse , Burberry Olive Green Coat , Stripes multi-colored scarf , plaid leggings with red, black and white stripes. I really love my outfit . So chic and comfy . It has a black and white and with a plunge of olive green and red. This is a for everyday casual look attire for busy moms who wants to look stylist , chic and comfy. Thanks for visiting my website. Hope I can be of help to your everyday looks and outfit of the day.

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Newspaper Boy hat




The first day of Spring

The first day of spring — also known as the vernal equinox . Another tern term for first point of Aries.

With the equinox, enjoy the increasing sunlight hours, with earlier dawns and later sunsets .
Spring is the season of flower blossoms and pastel colors.

The vernal quinox marks one of the two times a year when day and night are nearly the same length. The term equinox comes from the Latin word equinoxium, which means “equality between day and night.” quote from CNN

My outfit of the day is a floral wrap and tie maxi dress. It is a pastel color dress . I love how it flows. I accessorize it with my peach colored earrings. Pastel color light lavender sunglasses. Blush pink Gucci bag. Organic dried grass round bag . My favorite season is Spring . Finally it came… Have a lovely first day of Spring


Maria S. ❤


Dress wrap and tie maxi dress

Shoes orange wedge shoes and blush sandals

Bag Organic dried grass round


Earring peach color

Sunglasses A gift from a friend

Flowers, Cake and Me

My love for flowers, cake and fashion. Today is a busy day for me. Decorating and arranging flowers for a friend’s birthday party. I’m using fresh flowers so we went out to get flowers and cake . This is my very first flower arrangement using fresh flowers. I’m really so excited and it turns out really so amazing . I so love it and I’m very proud of my self. I’m so grateful to have a friend who like me loves to do what I’m doing. My love for fashion , food and Arts. She is with me all through out my journey doing my blog. She is also a blogger , I’m really thankful for all her help. Thank you so much April @aprilwashere blog. You’re my inspiration to keep on going through all the ups and downs of my journey. I do really appreciate all your support from the bottom of my heart.

My outfit of the day is a bubblegum pink trench coat, navy blue floral skater dress , white boots , old rose headband, Mui Mui sunglasses , Chanel purse , Chanel earrings and Chanel brooch. Hope you guys enjoy my blog post . Thanks for visiting my website . See you again next blog post.

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Trench Coat





Purse, Earrings , Brooch



Pure Color

The pure color is white. I love my white furry vest with my stripes wide- leg pants. White goes well with any colors. It is clean , chic and for me it is simply the best. The color white is so empowering which gives you a sense of confidence every time you wear it. My Outfit of the day is so simple. I choose a pure white color and combined it with my wine colored wide-leg pants. I so love how my outfit turns out because my whites blend in so well with the other colors. Thanks for visiting my website. I do appreciate all the support you’ve given from the bottom of my heart. Have a fantastic rest of your day . See you again later.

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Maria S ❤


Long Sleeves polo and wide-leg pants


Purse http://www.





My outfit of the day is stripes and blues. I love to accentuate it my red GG (Gucci) belt. Feeling so glam and fab with my outfits. Having a stroll in my favorite city makes my day so great and fantastic. It’s a nice feeling of having a total freedom to be yourself and having your ” Me ” is a total package of feeling free that gives you a boost of self esteem and self confidence as a woman. It’s a beautiful feeling to have so much confidence in yourself. Embracing life with a positive outlook and enhancing the talents within your inner self. My love for fashion and artistry is what keeps me going that is why I wanted to share it with women like you. Thanks for visiting my site and for taking the time to read my blog …

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Maria S. ❤


Polo shirt stripes



Purse Black with spikes

Purse Red


Trench Coat


The color of Joy and Creativity

Reddish orange is a very strong color. So vibrant and alive that brings so much joy and creativity to the ones that wears them. It enhances a positive energy which brings a chain reaction to the people that surrounds you. . It creates creativity , power and a positive attitude. That is why this is one of my favorite color. I feel so alive wearing my outfit of the day. I combined my reddish orange with whites which compliments with one another. I felt that this outfit creates good vibes. Thanks for visiting my website. Hoping that I give each and everyone good vibes and a positive attitude.


Maria ❤







Welcoming March

Wearing an animal prints Kate Spade trench coat is one of my favorite coat to wear during this season. I can’t wait for spring to come. I know it won’t be too long to wear my spring outfits but right now I’ll just be focusing on my winter outfits. My outfit of the day is my animal print trench coat with dotted cream and red infinity scarf. Surely my coat , scarf, and my beret makes me feel so cozy ,comfy and warm. I can’t go wrong with that especially when going to the city of Detroit for a visit. Experiencing the polar vortex makes me so choosy with the winter outfits to wear. Of course you can’t be inside the house all the time. Life must go on even it’s really so frigidly cold and freezing outside . So be sensible in choosing your winter outfits that will make you feel warm . cozy and great during this season. Just follow my website for all your OOTD’s . Below is all the links where you can choose my OOTD’s. Thanks.



Winter Outfits:

Trench Coat



sunglasses http://www,



Welcoming January 2019

Beginning of the year 2019 is a very challenging time for me . I got to celebrate my New Year up in the air as in literally up in clouds in a plane ride . Travelling from Vancouver Canada to Michigan because of a family emergency but anyways here I am back from my long hibernation. Ready to rock and roll in welcoming my January 2019. A new year. A new challenge but I’m ready for it. I got to start working, Missing what I love to do my passion for fashion. It’s winter time here in Michigan . I’m ready to share my winter outfits for busy and chic moms out there
I choose to wear my trendy gray coat with a pink blouse in a bell sleeves, an A-line skirt, red Gucci belt , red boots/ black printed Christian Louboutin boots and my pink beret. I love wearing a cozy, chic and comfortable outfit.


Belt and Purse:



Boots:black with prints
red boots

The Wintry Inspired Look …

The beautiful white snow is my inspiration with this outfit. My colors has totally popped up amidst the beauty of winter. It’s so cold outside but this furry coat from Japan has been so very helpful to withstand the wintry chills.

Amidst the breezy cold air and the wintry chills . I so love to spend my time looking at this beauty, The beautiful snow . It looks so pure and clean that after my very hectic and unorganized day . Finally I felt so refresh and ahhh it is indeed a breathe of a new air. With this in mind I have created an inspiration.
A very festive look this winter season . A combination of red and black with a little touch of cobalt blue and a fresh looking cream. So in love with my colors.

In this post I’m wearing a red plaid dress from Limited , Fur coat from Japan given by my good friend. I felt so cozy and warm with my outfit. It is absolutely a must have for this winter. Right now you can have lots of good deals in the stores.I hope that I can be of help in choosing a festive outfit to you busy moms, middle age women and to  women in all walks of life.  Wishing you a blessed and wonderful holiday . Keep warm and Enjoy your holidays!

Love Always ,

Maria S.

My Festive Outfit

The Limited

Coat : Given by a good friend from Japan


Hat : Beret from
Forever 21 

Louis Vuitton

Shoes: Bootie from
Express, Inc.